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To raise your vibration through the power of colour

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Why VIBE and why colour?

Colour is one of the most daily used words and a main component of our lives, yet in our day to day lives and in our homes and workplaces, colour is forgotten.


The reader will gain instant enlightenment of how to harness the essence, power and beauty of colour.  How to reconnect with yourself as a human in mind, body and spirit through the channelling of colour.

VIBE is here to redress the balance.

Humans are spiritual energetic multidimensional beings that exist in a human body, yet the driver of technology has guided us away from fully existing or fully accessing all that we are.


This beautiful book is divided into segments covering all aspects of life. Each segment offers you insight and action as to how you can use the vibration of colour.

Stunningly illustrated, this is a unique gift of joy and bliss, either for yourself or others.

‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration’. Nikola Tesla

Vibe will bring beauty and joy to your coffee table. 

Energy is all, it is within and around us as spiritual beings in a human body. However, our collective conscious connection with the energy fields within and around us has diminished. 


There is a focus on artificial intelligence, steering us away from emotional and heart intelligence. An emphasis on thinking and doing, rarely feeling or desiring.


Greater urban habitation, online recreation and processed food consumption are adding to the disconnect of ourselves as natural beings.


But there has been a shift. The challenges of the last few years have ignited a slow remembering, to value the resource and beauty of our planet and the impact we each can have. 


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Every author who has contributed to this book is female.  This was not a specific intention for the book.  Its creation has merely evolved through a shared network of many female entrepreneurs, who were keen to collaborate. Women who felt the urgency to create an offering to educate the world in the value and magnificence of colour.

That said, as more and more women are stepping up into leadership roles across the globe it is a testament to the confidence and power of how women see themselves today.


Our vision is for a world of oneness and harmony, of each other and our planet. Of valuing all that has been gifted to us in our natural world. Of existing as aligned and high vibrational beings with our divine true selves.


This book was created in our imaginations way before a virus swept our lands. But it has never felt more needed.


It is our belief that humanity is losing its connection with the power of being human and the magnificent resource of our natural world.

We invite you to join us.

Heather and Jo, creators of VIBE

VIBE offers you a remembering of the magnificence of our natural world and reclaims ancient wisdom on the use of colour.

Heather Prince and Jo Baldwin Trott value the magnificence of nature and the power of colour. They have used this resource to serve others through their work and to enhance their own lives.

Heather explored her passion for colour whilst she was working as an interior designer and now uses colour in her healing modality as a spiritual response consultant.

Jo has been obsessed with colour from a child and used her high colour vision in her work as an image consultant. She now works in healing, energy and alignment as a mentor to coaches.

With contributions from leading experts in the fields of healing, health, image, art, brand and design, this inspiring book will evoke the emotions and raise the vibrations of any home, reception or workplace.

VIBE provides a portal to raise your vibration to a higher frequency.

The images in this book are a powerful offering of photographs, original and unique artwork, and healing visual pieces all provided and curated specifically for this book.


Each artist and photographer who has provided for this book has a connection to the creators. They too, are a message of alignment and vibration including the artist of the cover. Please read their bios and engage with every contributor of this book.

Many of the images will be available to purchase from this site.


Please register for updates on all things VIBE here.   To engage with our contributors click here.

VIBE reveals the pathway to wellbeing, harmony and happiness through the abundant natural resource of colour.


"This is more than a book, it is a movement and has the power to change lives."

Be one of the first to order VIBE and you will receive a unique print of VIBE’S front cover.

This special offer is limited to the first 25 copies of the book. Order yours here.

VIBE evokes the power and beauty of colour.

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