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Words of LOVE

Wow the book is jammed packed. Tremendous amount of work. I can't believe it. The pictures are beautiful. Love the food, Loved the dedication (chills) and loved the large red painting, one of the first. Love all the chakra references, energy, vibration. Still more to read and I'm thoroughly impressed. IT'S BEAUTIFUL!

Amanda, New York, US

VIBE Reviews

"Colour is our guide for food,
and nature makes it easy for us."
- Lucy de Angeles,

“This book is full of beautiful pictures that inspire the imagination and understanding of the minds working when you choose a page to meditate with”

- Jacqui Cowell

Visit a art gallery or art online.
Open your heart and let your soul lead
- Art contributor:
Emma Maria Hunt

"As the sun colours flowers, as dose art colour life."
- John Lubbock,
English policy banker, politician and philanthropist

"It's all about colour from the inside out! As soon as I opened the cover I felt joy. It truly is a beautiful book."

- Sophie Sheinwald, Photographer and Author

"This book is a great thought provoking reference for anyone who is interested in colour and how it aligns with our world. I bought a copy at the start of my journey into mindfullness and meditation and this compliments my development in this area perfectly. Vibe is divided into helpful topics such as colour in the home, food, art and chakras. Accompanied by beautiful images, this book offers some unique and interesting insights into colour by colour experts - including inspiring quotes from upstanding artists and spiritualists. I particularly benefited from learning how to determine your colour personality, and how colour can influence your wellbeing and mindfullness. A great coffee table read, Vibe has helped me to discover how colour can enhance your ability to express yourself and invite joy into your life. This book would make an amazing gift for anyone with an interest in colour and how it can impact our mindset and environment. In addition, with over 200 pages, Vibe is a comprehensive read for those who want to discover how colour and spirituality compliment each other. Would recommend as a great addition to a reading room in any home or business."

- Faye Sutcliffe

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