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Every author who has contributed to this book is female.  This was not a specific intention for the book.  Its creation has merely evolved through a shared network of many female entrepreneurs, who were keen to collaborate. Women who felt the urgency to create an offering to educate the world in the value and magnificence of colour.

That said,as more and more women are stepping up into leadership roles across the globe it is a testament to the confidence and power of how women see themselves today.


Our vision is for a world of oneness and harmony, of each other and our planet. Of valuing all that has been gifted to us in our natural world. Of existing as aligned and high vibrational beings with our divine true selves.


This book was created in our imaginations way before a virus swept our lands. But it has never felt more needed.


It is our belief that humanity is losing its connection with the power of being human and the magnificent resource of our natural world.

We invite you to join us.

Heather and Jo, creators of VIBE

Heather Prince and Jo Baldwin Trott are the masterminds behind this new book. In divine timing their paths crossed at a time when they both were led to share the message and impact of colour in the world today.


Jo Baldwin Trott


Heather Prince


Cinzia Moretti

Moretti Interior Design Ltd is a luxury interior design studio based in West London specialising in residential projects both in the UK and abroad, which believes that design is elevated through the incorporation of nature. The aim of each project is to express the unique client's personality. Through the use of colour psychology and environmental psychology techniques the clients go through a process, to improve their wellbeing and living their home better with all the 5 senses.

Lucy de Angeles_edited.jpg

Lucy de Angeles

Bio to come

Jilly Clark

I'm Jilly, a design & branding consultant based in SE London. My passion is to use my creative and strategic expertise gained from 20 years in advertising to help today’s entrepreneurs and small businesses stand out from the crowd with ‘bright ideas’ for logos, business cards, websites, flyers, banners, brochures and other marketing materials. I also deliver branding talks, webinars and workshops to business hubs, charities and networking groups. 

In addition, I’m a part-time lecturer on entrepreneurship at the University of Westminster Business School and at Peter Jones’ Enterprise Academy (of Dragon’s Den fame) at Westminster Kingsway College.  


Laurelle Rond

My aim is to facilitate your journey to peaceful, personal empowerment on every level – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – through meditation, mindfulness, chanting, singing and story telling.

With forty years of experience as a teacher and healer, I am also a published poet and novelist and have recorded twelve CDs.

I look forward to working with you and helping you to discover your inner peace.


Alison Standish

At The Colour Ministry we combine the ancient art of Colour Therapy along with Pythagorean numerology system to create the nine colour personalities.  The nine personality numbers give additional accuracy in describing the traits of each personality by the allocation of a different colour to each number.


Eva Maria Hunt

Helping Strong Women to connect with their Soul to love & thrive. | Law of Attraction & Consciousness Coach | Spiritual Guidance | Personal Reading | Energy Healing | Artist | Read Oracle Cards Knockout Workshop


Dr. Ashish Paul

Ashish Paul is one of very few herbalists educated in both Ayurvedic and Western Medicine (WM). Ashish is passionate about educating people regarding the advantages of combining the ancient practice of Ayurveda with the familiar benefits of western medicine.

Jennifer Kathryn channels her addictive personality into her vibrant abstract creations. Bold and colourful inclusions allow her to scream from within, promote self-healing and stifle depression. Incorporating multiple fluid art techniques into a single piece is her specialty. She is currently harnessing the art of digitally manipulating her originals into print form and NFTs.
Colour is everything! I often challenge myself to incorporate the full colour spectrum into one harmonious creation, ensuring that each frequency vibration and personal favourites are represented.

Website address:

Jennifer Katherine - Cover Designer

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